O'Connor Sales, Inc.

What is a Manufacturer's Rep?

It's a sales organization, a free agent who generally handles product lines for numerous companies of a certain industry,  segment and/or region. Manufacturer's Reps can increase your company's sales while giving you the freedom to focus on other areas of your business. Manufacturer's reps can be your company's first step into a bigger market. Sometimes, business owners take the position that no one can sell their product better than they can. Don't limit yourself with this type of thinking. Your enthusiasm and knowledge can be contagious and working with the right team can make your business that much more successful.

Our Company

Our team is comprised of a principal with 9 salesmen making sales and specification calls. We also have 5 inside sales people with 2 data processors along with a warehouse covering approximately 14,000 square feet with 2 full time warehouse personnel.

O'Connor Sales has over 40 years experience in the Plumbing, Irrigation and Waterworks Industries and is extremely well known and respected. We cover the following counties in Southern California: Los Angeles, Ventura, including San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, along with Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, Imperial and Kern County. We also cover southern Nevada including Las Vegas and surrounding counties.

Outside Sales Team

Caleb Henry
Clark County, Nevada
Dan Southwick
Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Fernando Valley and Ventura Counties
Doug Chandler
Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties
James Fischer
Orange, and San Diego Counties
John Krupka
Los Angeles and Orange County
John TenBroek
Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties
Joseph Lee
Los Angeles and Ventura County
Josh TenBroek
Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties
Mike Gaughan
San Diego County
Terre Johnson
Orange and San Diego County

Inside Sales Team
Fernando Salazar
Joshua Joaquin
Ray Flynn
Refugio Palacios
Stefany Martinez



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